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We Can/Stronger together

As long as we stay together,

we become stronger


Initiate the National We Can / Stronger Together Campaign COVID-19 Relief Bay Area (CRBA) New Coronavirus Community Rescue Platform Initiative Initiate the National We Can / Stronger Together Campaign January 25th New Year's Eve The United States Hanlin Culture and Education Foundation co-sponsored a "Silicon Valley Love and Help Wuhan" charity event to raise nearly $ 200,000 in funding and medical supplies to donate to medical units in Wuhan and other affected areas in China.

At present, the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, and the situation in the United States has become severe. We have decided to use more than 10,000 yuan of funds raised in the "Silicon Valley Love and Help Wuhan" charity event. We did not buy any materials to support the American community. Some of these medical masks and protective clothing have been donated to local hospitals. We also hope that with this platform, we can share information with other organizations or individuals, once again unite the local Chinese, and show the love of Chinese people to help each other for the local community.

The Qiaolu Foundation, the Hunan Fellowship of the United States, the Hanlin Culture and Education Fund of the United States, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shandong, the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce of the United States, and the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Union of Northern California organized a "new coronavirus community rescue platform". Our philosophy is to be united and united as one. We are stronger, work together to resist the new coronavirus, and hope to return to a peaceful and normal life as soon as possible.

What we have to do is

1. Establish special donation funds for community assistance.
2. The platform is open to the community.
3. Contact various community hospitals, police stations, fire stations and other anti-epidemic agencies.
4. Set up community lectures on epidemic resistance knowledge or related, and broadcast or record to the community.
5. Community care and mutual assistance activities.
If you and your community agree with our philosophy,

Welcome to join.


侨路基金会, 美国湖南联谊会, 美国翰林文教基金会,

美国山东总商会, 美国南京商会, 北加州苏浙同鄕会,


全球绿色发展联盟 ,硅谷女性协会 ,韩华基金会,

Aborn Institute (AI),海外抗日战争纪念馆义工团队,金兰社,