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     On January 25th, New Year's Eve, "Silicon Valley Love, Help Wuhan" established a public welfare platform and quickly raised nearly 200,000 US dollars in funds and medical supplies to donate to Wuhan and other affected areas in China.

     At present, the epidemic in China has been basically controlled, but the United States has entered a state of emergency. Therefore, the platform decided to use the balance of more than 10,000 yuan in unpurchased supplies to support the local community in the United States. Some of the medical masks and protective clothing have been donated to the local community. Hospital. At the same time, in order to greatly increase the scope of assistance, we have decided to expand fundraising. We also hope to use this platform to share information with other organizations or individuals, once again consolidate the power of local Chinese, and jointly show the love of Chinese people to help and support the local mainstream community.

     Here, the Qiaolu Foundation, the Hunan Association of the United States, the Hanlin Cultural and Educational Foundation of the United States, the Shandong Chamber of Commerce, the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce of the United States, and the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Union of Northern California, Mr. Zhu Liang once again jointly organized a "Community Relief Platform Against New Coronavirus" .


     If you encounter an insult to China, please contact us. COVID-19 Relief Bay Area Now that it has decided to "play the full court", it must be worthy of the name.

     On the one hand, our platform fully supports the anti-epidemic, maintenance, and promotion of ethnic unity among mainstream social community medical institutions in the United States; on the other hand, we must do our best to protect the interests of Chinese and Chinese, and once we learn of the insult to China, we will make every effort to attack This war will never be tolerated. announce.

Legal Counsel: Mr. Zhu Liang


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